Another from Ocean Reef Marina

Here is another from Ocean Reef Marina the other night.
I’m fairly sure that this is my first vertical panorama. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

Ocean Reef Boat Ramp-13-Edit-web

Ocean Reef Marina

I went to the Ocean Reef Marina tonight, I have never really shot there and I seem to go to Burns Beach too often.
The sunset didn’t light up like I was hoping but I still like this shot. I don’t normally do much PP but I have done a fair bit
on this to get it right how I wanted it.
This will be that last from me for a week or so as I go back to site tomorrow.
I’m feeling inspired again. Just hope work doesn’t take it away again!

Ocean Reef Boat Ramp 2-web

Another from Jumbuck Hill Park

This is the last from my trip to Jumbuck Hill Park & Bells Rapids.
This is the view I was looking for! This is what I had in my head as the shot that I wanted to get.
Its worth viewing the large version tho even that doesn’t do it justice!
I think it would look great printed quite large!

Jumbuck Hill Park-web

Jumbuck Hill Park Glow

Another shot from my trip to Bells Rapids on Monday.
After walking along the Avon river for a while I decided that I would try to make my way up the hill to try and get a shot showing the view as I was making my way up a little track I saw this opening that was bathed I this gorgeous morning light so I stopped and quickly set up my tripod and took this shot.
What do you think?

Jumbuck Hill Park Glow-web

Bells Rapids

Monday I got up early and decided I would go to Bells Rapids, I have been there before but have never had a good look around so I just started walking up a little track along the river (which is almost totally dry) this is the first composition I came across although I’m not sure that I’m happy with the way it turned out.
Maybe I’ll go back after some rain and try again.

Bells Rapids - Avon River, WA-web

Perth from Statham’s Quarry

After packing my tripod and other gear (I kept my camera out) and just after saying to one of the other photographers that I didn’t like the look of the city with all the smog that was covering it I decided to take this, Its two shots hand held and when I took it I didn’t think that it would turn into a decent shot.
Just goes to show that it pays to have your camera out at all times even when you don’t think there will be a shot!

Perth, Statham's Quarry-web

More from my trip to Statham’s Quarry.

Just wanted to post a couple more from my trip to Statham’s Quarry.
This place is on my list to go to and explore, next time I think I’ll go back for a sunrise.

First is a B&W image from a slightly different angle to the color one I posted yesterday.
Statham's Quarry B&W-web

This second image is from the Perth side of the quarry looking to the north of Perth.
Statham’s Quarry is to the right out of view.
Statham's Quarry 2-web

Statham’s Quarry, Perth Hills.

Yesterday afternoon I visited Statham’s Quarry in the hills near Perth with a group of other photographers.
Statham’s Quarry is an old unused quarry that is mainly used now days for rock climbing and abseiling.

Statham's Quarry 1-web


My car got a little dusty today while scouting for photo locations.



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