Northam Vintage Swap Meet (part 1 – The People)

Yesterday i went up to Northam with a few mates to have a look at the Vintage Swap Meet that was being held.
The drive for me is around 2 hours and we wanted to be there around 7 so this means i was up at around 4am!
We all met up at the Midvale Caltex bottom of the Great Eastern Hwy, then drove up and out along the Great Eastern Hwy to Northam.
This is a really nice drive a mix of winding uphill roads and winding country roads mostly at a 110km/h speed limit the towns and villages you pass through however slow down to 50km/h but all in all its a nice drive at a nice pace with plenty of passing lanes if you get stuck behind slower moving vehicles.

First up are some pictures of some of the other people that attended the meet.






This next photo is my favorite of the day and a first for me as this is my first “street portrait”, as i normally shoot candid street photos but i asked this man if i could take his portrait with his car and van. (he was quite chuffed i think) After I took the photo I had a quick chat with him and found out that his family had a van like this when was younger but he couldn’t find one like it these days so he made this one himself and judging by the look on his face when he was telling me about it he is quite proud of it, I would be too!

This photo will also be number 1 in my 100 Strangers project.

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