Day One

Day One started with the drive down to Busselton, about 3 hours. I always thought it took longer, from what others told me anyway.
On arrival it was less than ideal, heavy clouds and rain. After the rain let up for a minute I grabbed my camera and went for a walk around the jetty took a few photos but nothing that I’ll use. Also paid my $2.50 and took a walk along the jetty, I was watching a rain sbower come in from the south and ended up getting caught in between two of the covered seats they have along the 2km long jetty!

The camera gear. Can you spot what I forgot?


The car packed and ready to go! All this for 4 days for 1 guy?


I went back to the jetty after finding the place I’m staying at.
The sky didn’t really want to play the game tonight tho.

This is the best shot of the day. Unedited pano. Will play with it more when I get home.


All of the photos on the blog while I’m away will be phone as I don’t like to do too much editing on my laptop cox I end up with photos every where.

Im off to bunker bay tomorrow.  Hope the weather and sky play nice!

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