Day Two.

Day two started with me sleeping in because I didn’t set my alarm.  I awoke to the sound of birds chirping, males s nice change.
The first spot I drove to was bunker bay.  The weather was not really playing nice while I was there and I didn’t get any shots that I’m happy with. I did however get in a solid walk around the headland over a lot of rocks a bit of rotting seaweed and a cliff or two, it was a lot walking for no real photos it dud how ever give me the chance to see some seals! Not that I could get close as they were out on a rock sun bathing while getting hit with waves, oh to be a seal!
From here I went to Sugarloaf rock the light was a bit better here and I got a couple of good shots.
Shot of the day below.


From there I went back into town to see if I could get a charger for my camera battery, yep the old leave the charger at home trick! The only one that I cant get is the one for my battery! Im down to only two bars now! Hoping it will last.

Also made it to Canal Rocks and Smiths Beach and the light played nice in between the rain.
After that I went for a drive towards Margaret River I was happy just to drive for the rest of the afternoon on the nice twisty roads.
I did stop for one last shot but I cannot remember where it was. 

Anyway off for a shower and bed as I smell like seaweed and will be setting the alarm to get up early to see if I can get a nice shot of bunker bay.


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