Day Three – I get some followers.

I started today back at bunker bay hoping for a nice sunrise, it didn’t really happen the cloud cover wad just too thick.
From there I drove to Bunbury to buy a charger so I could charge my camera battery as the camera now would not release the shutter.
After getting that sorted I put the battery on charge and started driving, which id how I spent most of the day.
I did make a stop in a forest (run forest run, go on tell me that just didn’t pop into your head!) near Margret River.
Had bees think I was a flower (red and yellow tee shirt, did I mention I’m allergic? )
Startled something bigger than I am with much more hair than me when I coughed (Kangaroo maybe? Something else?)
Ended up driving to Augsta then turning around and heading back to Sugarloaf rock for sunset.
On the way I spotted some flowers that the sunlight was dancing with so I stopped for a few shots.
There I was snapping away and I notice some cows in the back ground and think that could look nice, flowers forground cows & trees  in the background.
Turn around after a few more shots and BAM! Cows in forground! (Cue cows with guns song in my head)
I ask them nicely to go back into postion in the background but no matter how I tried they kept coming closer.
My cue to leave & they follow!
With that here’s the pic of the day.


Note the lens makes it look like they aren’t as close as they were.  They got quite close. Some running towards me at one stage.


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