Day Four

This morning saw me back at Sugarloaf Rock for one last time this trip. I arrived just as the sky was starting to light up (about 15mins too late to get a good spot for it) however the morning sunlight did help me produce some nice photos so I’m happy.
After there I went for a little drive to check out some other spots another photographer I bumped into while walking back to my car mentioned, man has this place got some spots!
I then went back to my van for a bit, edited some photos and also got some shots of a local magpie. 
After lunch I got bored so I headed out to Yallingup Beach to take some shots there, by the time I got there the clouds were rolling in and the sea was quite rough just how I like it. Got a couple of nice shots but nothing spectacular.

So today’s shot of the day comes from Sugarloaf Rock!


(It looks a bit over saturated in this pic but its not)

Homeward bound tomorrow but not before one last sunrise shoot!

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