A1 & fiddy 1.4

I picked up this Canon A1 and 50mm f1.4 from a vintage shop a couple of weeks ago.
It was pretty dirty, had a flat battery, I could barely see through the lens and I didn’t realise that it had fungus in the lens until I got it home and gave it a quick clean.


This morning I decided to give it a clean up. First I cleaned the body and got rid of the dirt and dust then I cleaned & removed the old light seals in prep for when the ones turn up.


Once the body was finished it was on to the lens. The outside needed a good scrub but the main job was in getting rid of the dust & fungus from the inside of the lens which required pulling the lens apart to clean it.
Once I got the lens apart it was pleasing to see that the glass elements had not been damaged by the fungus &  cleaned up like new.


I can’t wait to get the light seals fitted so I can shoot it!



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