Back to school!

So a lot has changed since my end of year (2015) post and even my last post!

I have been given the chance to go back to college and study photography, I am very excited about this development in my life! I have an amazing wife who is supporting me through this year in every way possible.
Even a few months ago I didn’t think I would be able to study in the near future it seemed like a distant dream for me maybe even an unreachable one. But now here I am looking down the barrel of a year of full time study.
I’m as excited as I am nervous but I think its going to be great!

As I am no longer working I’m not going to have the money to shoot as much film as I had hoped and as my course is fully digital I may not have the time to either.
As my study will be taking up a lot of time I have to abandon the idea of a blog post a week how ever I will be trying to make a post every few weeks especially as my course moves into shooting mode I will share what I am working on or have completed.

Since this is a photo blog I think I better add a photo.

This image was taken a few months ago I have wanted to capture something like this for a while and when I saw the clouds on the horizon and the late afternoon sun hitting just the central cloud I knew I might get a chance at capturing it.

Let me know what you think in the comments.



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