Lake Joondalup – Fog

I have had photographs of this spot in my mind for a long time, I have tried 3 or 4 times to get the shot I want and it has escaped me until yesterday!
I was asleep the sound of my wife’s alarm going off in my ears when she got up she looks out the window and says “wow, it’s pretty foggy outside” at first I rolled back over but then I remembered this is the fog I had been waiting for to get my shot at Joondalup Lake! So I dragged my self out of bed made a coffee and headed down to the spot. I’m glad I did!

This is the shot I had in mind.
Lake Joondalup-5-Edit-web

This shot I saw as I was packing up so I got my gear back out and set it up and shot a few frames, It was well worth it!
Lake Joondalup-94-web


Old Swan Brewery Jetty 2

This is the second (finished) shot from my Sunday morning at the Old Swan Brewery Jetty.
This one had a bit of trouble stitching but with a few tweaks it worked out in the end.

Old Swan Brewery Jetty B&W

I also finished my roll of 120film that I started shooting over Easter, I’m now just waiting to get it back from the lab which should be Friday or Saturday.
More info on that project when I get the film back.

New self portrait.

I was bored so I set up my lighting gear and had a play, this is my favorite shot from the bunch.

Self Portrait

This is my poor mans softbox, its a shoot through umbrella with a reflector thrown over it to stop the light spilling onto the background. I have a proper softbox in the mail but this did the job for today.

Poor Mans Softbox

More from my trip to Statham’s Quarry.

Just wanted to post a couple more from my trip to Statham’s Quarry.
This place is on my list to go to and explore, next time I think I’ll go back for a sunrise.

First is a B&W image from a slightly different angle to the color one I posted yesterday.
Statham's Quarry B&W-web

This second image is from the Perth side of the quarry looking to the north of Perth.
Statham’s Quarry is to the right out of view.
Statham's Quarry 2-web

Cottesloe Beach

It has been a while since I went out and shot a Seascape and I have had these shots in mind since the last time I photographed Cottesloe Beach.
Today had the perfect conditions for the shots so I made my way down to Cottesloe and took a few shots while others swam (yes even in winter!) and jogged on the beach, I stood next to my tripod taking some long exposures in infrared (up to 4 mins per exposure) and also some slightly shorter shots in color.

This first photo was shot in infrared the converted to B&W.

The second was a slightly shorter exposure so there is more detail in the clouds and surf.

First Roll

Finished my first roll of b&w film today, dropped it off to get processed as well.
Have to wait until next week to pick it up tho as I’m away for the next week for work.
Must say it was super hard working without autofocus and also with out any metering, the only metering I did was with a light metering app on my phone.
I’ll post some of the results when I pick up the film and scan it next week.