Still shooting film! (Been a while between posts)

It has been a while since I posted on here partly because I have been shooting on film and partly because I have been busy.
The more I shoot on film & the more photos I get back from being developed the more I am liking shooting on film so I’m going to leave this post with a shot taken last year but only developed a couple of weeks ago.

My fave film camera, A Nikon FM2 shot on Ilford Pan 100.

I have a fair few rolls of film to go through so I will be making posts on here more regularly now as I have some content to post.


Some Street Shots

Early Monday morning (6am) I met up with another photog to have a walk around Perth and do some street and urban shooting.
Its been a long time since I have shot street and it took me a little while to find my rhythm, but in the end I got a fair few shots that I’m happy with.
While my mind was mainly focused of street shooting I was also thinking about the urban landscape and architectural side of things but struggruled with it, although I think it does show in some of the shots.
So far I have only edited the street shots and not the urban/architectural as I am drawing a blank on where to start.

Anyway here are a few street shots.




New self portrait.

I was bored so I set up my lighting gear and had a play, this is my favorite shot from the bunch.

Self Portrait

This is my poor mans softbox, its a shoot through umbrella with a reflector thrown over it to stop the light spilling onto the background. I have a proper softbox in the mail but this did the job for today.

Poor Mans Softbox

Yellagonga Regional Park @ Sunrise

I got up early this day to make sure I was where I wanted to be at the time I needed to be, you see I had a shot in my head that I wanted, I have been thinking about it for a while so the night before I decided that I would try and get that shot.
I pull up and park my car, finish my coffee, grab my bag from the boot and start walking to the spot where I want to take my photo. The air has a chill to it, there is a slight breeze, its perfect for the shot I have in mind.
I get to my spot and………………..the water is to low and has been over grown by weeds or something………SHIT!
I try to think what else is around the area I’m in that is close, after some thinking I remember that I’m near Yellagonga Regional Park and there some old buildings there.
Yellagonga Regional Park is about a 20min walk from where I was and it was lucky that I was there with around 30mins until sunrise!
I walk around the old buildings looking for a composition that I like, I find two, one that will make a nice 3:1 panorama and a slightly wider one that makes a 4:1 pano.

Here is the 3:1pano I like this composition better but feel the sky lets it down.
Horses, Cows & Veggies - The Bunkhouse, Yellagonga Regional Park

This one is the 4:1 which could be printed 2m wide! I feel the composition lets this one down but it has a better sky.
The Bunkhouse - Yellagonga Regional Park

Which one do you like better? Leave me a comment and let me know!