An email from Mission Australia.

I received an email last week thanking me for my efforts photographing the Mission Australia Xmas lunch in the park last year.
I must say that it was an honor and a privilege to be able to photograph such an amazing event! (I am looking forward to doing more events like this in the future)
I still have to go through and spend some more time editing some of the photos from this event for my portfolio.
When I do I’ll post a few up here as well as them going on my website.


Saint Mary’s

During my walk around Perth the other week I walked past Saint Mary’s Cathedral as soon as I saw it I knew the shot I wanted and how I wanted it to look.
It was around 11am so the sun was fairly over head creating harsh shadows but that was part of the look I was after. I used a 10 stop ND filter to blur the water running down the water feature in the center. I was even lucky enough that the seagull didn’t move too much and only his (or her) head is blured, can you find where the seagull in the photo?

Old Swan Brewery Jetty 2

This is the second (finished) shot from my Sunday morning at the Old Swan Brewery Jetty.
This one had a bit of trouble stitching but with a few tweaks it worked out in the end.

Old Swan Brewery Jetty B&W

I also finished my roll of 120film that I started shooting over Easter, I’m now just waiting to get it back from the lab which should be Friday or Saturday.
More info on that project when I get the film back.

Old Swan Brewery Jetty

Sunday morning I met up with a member of a photographic group I’m in to do some long exposures.
It was good to have someone to chat with about different techniques and equipment rather than just being by myself like I am most of the time.
This is the second panorama I took, the first would not stitch which is a bummer but it happens sometimes. I have another that I’ll post tomorrow.

Old Swan Brewery Jetty

Jumbuck Hill Park Glow

Another shot from my trip to Bells Rapids on Monday.
After walking along the Avon river for a while I decided that I would try to make my way up the hill to try and get a shot showing the view as I was making my way up a little track I saw this opening that was bathed I this gorgeous morning light so I stopped and quickly set up my tripod and took this shot.
What do you think?

Jumbuck Hill Park Glow-web