Bells Waterfall, Western Australia

I was going back through my photos the other day and found this one sitting in a folder all by itself – unedited.
I had a quick play with it then decided that it would be worth spending some time on as I quite like it – an hour or so later this is what I came up with.

Hope you enjoy seeing it.



An email from Mission Australia.

I received an email last week thanking me for my efforts photographing the Mission Australia Xmas lunch in the park last year.
I must say that it was an honor and a privilege to be able to photograph such an amazing event! (I am looking forward to doing more events like this in the future)
I still have to go through and spend some more time editing some of the photos from this event for my portfolio.
When I do I’ll post a few up here as well as them going on my website.

Some Street Shots

Early Monday morning (6am) I met up with another photog to have a walk around Perth and do some street and urban shooting.
Its been a long time since I have shot street and it took me a little while to find my rhythm, but in the end I got a fair few shots that I’m happy with.
While my mind was mainly focused of street shooting I was also thinking about the urban landscape and architectural side of things but struggruled with it, although I think it does show in some of the shots.
So far I have only edited the street shots and not the urban/architectural as I am drawing a blank on where to start.

Anyway here are a few street shots.




Slight rip Sunday!

Last Sunday the same group of people I met up with on Saturday all met up at Lesmurdie Falls.
While I didn’t forget anything I did manage to put a rather large rip in my jeans!
As always it was good to get out with others as landscape photography can be quite the solitary exercise at times, its always good to have someone to chat with while your out although it can make getting the compostion you want a bit harder when you have other people around that you don’r want in your shot.

Anyway here’s a couple of photos from the day.

Lesmurdie Falls-20-Edit-web


I also took my Nikon FM2 and took a few shots, the film should be processed by the time I get back from site.

WA Day @ Matilda Bay

My WA Day morning was spent at Matilda Bay with the same group of people I witnessed a spectacular sunrise with a few days before this morning however it was predicted that if would be foggy and it sure was, I could hardly see the end of my street! But as I got closer to Matilda Bay I could see that the fog was lifting but It still covered the city and still made for some great photos!

This is the keeper from the morning.
Matilda Bay-1-Edit-web

After Matilda Bay the group made our collective way up to Kings Park to see if we could get something from up there and also to have breakfast or in my case morning tea.

A shot of the group I was with.
Perth from Kings-5-Edit-web

This one is a 13 minute exposure! (my first at that sort of length)
Perth from Kings-14-Edit-web