Burns Beach

From Burns Beach while I was looking for portrait locations in the area.



Old Swan Brewery Jetty 2

This is the second (finished) shot from my Sunday morning at the Old Swan Brewery Jetty.
This one had a bit of trouble stitching but with a few tweaks it worked out in the end.

Old Swan Brewery Jetty B&W

I also finished my roll of 120film that I started shooting over Easter, I’m now just waiting to get it back from the lab which should be Friday or Saturday.
More info on that project when I get the film back.

Old Swan Brewery Jetty

Sunday morning I met up with a member of a photographic group I’m in to do some long exposures.
It was good to have someone to chat with about different techniques and equipment rather than just being by myself like I am most of the time.
This is the second panorama I took, the first would not stitch which is a bummer but it happens sometimes. I have another that I’ll post tomorrow.

Old Swan Brewery Jetty

Ocean Reef Marina

I went to the Ocean Reef Marina tonight, I have never really shot there and I seem to go to Burns Beach too often.
The sunset didn’t light up like I was hoping but I still like this shot. I don’t normally do much PP but I have done a fair bit
on this to get it right how I wanted it.
This will be that last from me for a week or so as I go back to site tomorrow.
I’m feeling inspired again. Just hope work doesn’t take it away again!

Ocean Reef Boat Ramp 2-web

Final shots of 2013!!

These are my final shots of 2013, taken at Burns Beach, WA.




2013 was a year so far photographically speaking, I am pleased with the amount of photos I have walked away with considering I was lazy and didn’t get out as much as I could have.

I have a few things in mind to make sure 2014 is even better than 2013.
I plan to get out and shoot a lot more and also plan a few photography trips fill in my weeks off as well as shooting more street and automotive.

Oh and Happy New Year!!!

Back to work.

Well the road trip has finished and I’m returning to work tomorrow. (cue the violins)

I have just spent the afternoon editing the photos from the trip and have uploaded them to http://www.fineartamerica.com where they are for sale. If you like my photos this is the easiest way to purchase a print or canvas and they have all the options that a walk in shop would. You can even get photos printed on aluminum!

Here is a link to the shot of the trip!
Photography Prints

Cottesloe Beach

It has been a while since I went out and shot a Seascape and I have had these shots in mind since the last time I photographed Cottesloe Beach.
Today had the perfect conditions for the shots so I made my way down to Cottesloe and took a few shots while others swam (yes even in winter!) and jogged on the beach, I stood next to my tripod taking some long exposures in infrared (up to 4 mins per exposure) and also some slightly shorter shots in color.

This first photo was shot in infrared the converted to B&W.

The second was a slightly shorter exposure so there is more detail in the clouds and surf.