One Tree, Three Ways

I have been doing a fair bit of shooting down on the Manly foreshore lately, some of it on film and some on digital.
I am still to get the film developed but I have processed the digital shots. This set was shot a couple of days ago.
Its nice to be able to keep going back to the same spot and get different photos each time.





Fremantle – Street

I had to go back to Perth for a few days a couple of weeks ago, even being such a whirl wind trip I was able to squeeze in some street photography.
Here are a few photos from that walk around.

Nikon FM2 w/50mm f1.8d loaded with Kodak BW400CN




Manly-Wynnum Walk (More Photos)

Before I head out on today’s adventure I wanted to post some more photos from last weekend.

Manly-Wynnum-014-web Manly-Wynnum-015-Pano-web Manly-Wynnum-019-web Manly-Wynnum-021-web Manly-Wynnum-022-webIf you enjoy looking at my photos please share this post with someone you think might like them as well and don’t forget to subscribe!


Manly-Wynnum Walk

I have been shooting film more than digital lately so today I decided to go out with my D7000 w/Sigma 35mm Art. (As much as I wanted to shoot my Electro 35!)

I ended up going to Manly and walking from the Manly Boat Harbor up to the Wynnum Wading Pool and back again.

Here’s some of the photos, I’ll post more later in the week.

Manly-Wynnum-002-web Manly-Wynnum-003-web Manly-Wynnum-005-web Manly-Wynnum-009-web Manly-Wynnum-012-web


Lyrical Equations

Last week walking around Brisbane I met Ben from Lyrical Equations, he was out hustling & promoting Brisbane Hip-Hop.
Super down to earth guy doing his bit to help the youth of Brisbane and get them motivated & into doing something positive with their time.

A quote from the Lyrical Equations Facebook page.
“Lyrical Equations is one of many re-engagement programs under the “YATF” Youth Are the Future banner. We are an organisation that covers every profession within the Creative Industries.
Over the past 4 years we have been working in numerous Schools and Community Organisations across Queensland delivering tailor made programs for disenfranchised, disadvantaged and disengaged youth of all ages and backgrounds. The workshops can cover a whole range of components from learning how to write rhymes “Lyrical Poetry”, learning about different styles of Hip Hop Dance, learning about music production and Beat Making, Painting and Drawing and or Theater and Performance.

Big props go out to the Lyrical Equations team for their efforts!

untitled shoot-005-web


Brisbane Protest (more photos2)

This is the third batch of photos from the Brisbane Protest against the push to close isolated Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

If you have not read my initial post about the Brisbane Protest you can find on this blog here.

untitled shoot-121-web

untitled shoot-126-web

untitled shoot-128-web

untitled shoot-142-web

untitled shoot-153-web

untitled shoot-160-web

untitled shoot-162-web

untitled shoot-163-web


Brisbane Protest (more photos)

This is the second batch of photos from the Brisbane Protest against the push to close isolated Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

If you have not read my initial post about the Brisbane Protest you can find it on this blog here.

untitled shoot-080-web

untitled shoot-081-web

untitled shoot-082-web

untitled shoot-085-web

untitled shoot-086-web

untitled shoot-088-web

untitled shoot-089-web

untitled shoot-090-web

untitled shoot-092-web

untitled shoot-093-web

untitled shoot-097-web

untitled shoot-103-web

untitled shoot-105-web

untitled shoot-106-web

untitled shoot-110-web

untitled shoot-114-web


Brisbane Protest

This afternoon I was walking around Brisbane (I have just moved here!) shooting some street and just getting to know Brisbane a little better when I came across a peaceful protest.
untitled shoot-002-web
The protest centered around West Australian Premier Colin Barnett’s push to close isolated Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.
When I arrived there was already an Aboriginal Elder speaking so I took some time to listen to what he had to say until the urge to take some photos took over, after a while the protest moved from King George Square onto Adelaide St, blocking traffic in both directions in the middle of peak hour, from there the crowd walked down Adelaide St to William St stopping again at the William St & Victoria Bridge intersection (It’s around here that I get a bit lost as to where the Protest walk went, being new to Brisbane and all) from William St/Victoria Bridge the protest made its way back to King George Square for the finish.

I’ll leave you with some photos from the protest.
untitled shoot-012-web

untitled shoot-015-web

untitled shoot-016-web

untitled shoot-031-web

untitled shoot-032-web

untitled shoot-033-web

The lady in this photo asked me to make a note that she is holding her friends sign, he is in the wheel chair next to her.
untitled shoot-035-web

untitled shoot-036-web

untitled shoot-041-web

untitled shoot-045-web

untitled shoot-048-web

untitled shoot-057-web

untitled shoot-063-web

untitled shoot-076-web

untitled shoot-079-web


More Street Shots

Here’s a few more from my walk around Perth on Monday.




Some Street Shots

Early Monday morning (6am) I met up with another photog to have a walk around Perth and do some street and urban shooting.
Its been a long time since I have shot street and it took me a little while to find my rhythm, but in the end I got a fair few shots that I’m happy with.
While my mind was mainly focused of street shooting I was also thinking about the urban landscape and architectural side of things but struggruled with it, although I think it does show in some of the shots.
So far I have only edited the street shots and not the urban/architectural as I am drawing a blank on where to start.

Anyway here are a few street shots.