Bells Waterfall, Western Australia

I was going back through my photos the other day and found this one sitting in a folder all by itself – unedited.
I had a quick play with it then decided that it would be worth spending some time on as I quite like it – an hour or so later this is what I came up with.

Hope you enjoy seeing it.



Saint Mary’s

During my walk around Perth the other week I walked past Saint Mary’s Cathedral as soon as I saw it I knew the shot I wanted and how I wanted it to look.
It was around 11am so the sun was fairly over head creating harsh shadows but that was part of the look I was after. I used a 10 stop ND filter to blur the water running down the water feature in the center. I was even lucky enough that the seagull didn’t move too much and only his (or her) head is blured, can you find where the seagull in the photo?

New Lens

While I was out and about on Monday I also added another lens to my bag, a Sigma Art 35mm f1.8.
This lens is much hyped about and is a focal length I like the look of. The low light capabilities of the f1.4 are also great.

I took my dog, Casper, to the groomer this old hotrod was parked in the car park so I snapped a few frames of it. (I took my camera along so I had something to do while I waited)

This shot is at f1.4 and it straight out of the camera, no editing only resized for the web. I cannot wait to shoot more with it!

Slight rip Sunday!

Last Sunday the same group of people I met up with on Saturday all met up at Lesmurdie Falls.
While I didn’t forget anything I did manage to put a rather large rip in my jeans!
As always it was good to get out with others as landscape photography can be quite the solitary exercise at times, its always good to have someone to chat with while your out although it can make getting the compostion you want a bit harder when you have other people around that you don’r want in your shot.

Anyway here’s a couple of photos from the day.

Lesmurdie Falls-20-Edit-web


I also took my Nikon FM2 and took a few shots, the film should be processed by the time I get back from site.

Forget Something Saturday?

On Saturday I went out to Bells Rapids on the Avon River with a few friends from a photography group I am in. We all met up quite early (around 6am) and we all walked down to the river from the car park under the light of a few torches (I forgot mine).
After a little chat and letting my eyes adjust to the lack of light I found a spot and set up my tripod and camera, only to try and turn it on and nothing, wait what is going on here? I did turn it on right? Oh crap! Yep I left my battery at home on the charger!
So I made my way back to my car and drove home to get my battery, on the way missing the best of the light, the others told me I didn’t miss much as it had rained for most of the time I was gone (around 40 minutes) but I knew I had missed the light.
I still managed to get a few photos on my digital camera and this one would be the best, although its far from a great photo.


As I was leaving I decided to go up to Bells Lookout and see if there was a easy way to get down to the waterfall, now I’m not going to say its easy but its not all that hard to walk down to the waterfall and its quicker than walking in from the bottom but getting back up the hill is a bit of a battle!
I decided that I wanted to make the walk as easy as possible so I only took my tripod and my Nikon FM2 loaded with some B&W film which I have yet to get developed when I do I’ll be sure to post some of the shots.

Lake Joondalup – Fog

I have had photographs of this spot in my mind for a long time, I have tried 3 or 4 times to get the shot I want and it has escaped me until yesterday!
I was asleep the sound of my wife’s alarm going off in my ears when she got up she looks out the window and says “wow, it’s pretty foggy outside” at first I rolled back over but then I remembered this is the fog I had been waiting for to get my shot at Joondalup Lake! So I dragged my self out of bed made a coffee and headed down to the spot. I’m glad I did!

This is the shot I had in mind.
Lake Joondalup-5-Edit-web

This shot I saw as I was packing up so I got my gear back out and set it up and shot a few frames, It was well worth it!
Lake Joondalup-94-web

WA Day @ Matilda Bay

My WA Day morning was spent at Matilda Bay with the same group of people I witnessed a spectacular sunrise with a few days before this morning however it was predicted that if would be foggy and it sure was, I could hardly see the end of my street! But as I got closer to Matilda Bay I could see that the fog was lifting but It still covered the city and still made for some great photos!

This is the keeper from the morning.
Matilda Bay-1-Edit-web

After Matilda Bay the group made our collective way up to Kings Park to see if we could get something from up there and also to have breakfast or in my case morning tea.

A shot of the group I was with.
Perth from Kings-5-Edit-web

This one is a 13 minute exposure! (my first at that sort of length)
Perth from Kings-14-Edit-web