Final shots of 2013!!

These are my final shots of 2013, taken at Burns Beach, WA.




2013 was a year so far photographically speaking, I am pleased with the amount of photos I have walked away with considering I was lazy and didn’t get out as much as I could have.

I have a few things in mind to make sure 2014 is even better than 2013.
I plan to get out and shoot a lot more and also plan a few photography trips fill in my weeks off as well as shooting more street and automotive.

Oh and Happy New Year!!!

Cottesloe Beach

It has been a while since I went out and shot a Seascape and I have had these shots in mind since the last time I photographed Cottesloe Beach.
Today had the perfect conditions for the shots so I made my way down to Cottesloe and took a few shots while others swam (yes even in winter!) and jogged on the beach, I stood next to my tripod taking some long exposures in infrared (up to 4 mins per exposure) and also some slightly shorter shots in color.

This first photo was shot in infrared the converted to B&W.

The second was a slightly shorter exposure so there is more detail in the clouds and surf.

Streets of Freo

Decided to go to Fremantle this afternoon and shoot some street photography.
After walking around for a bit i decided to get some money out so i could get a drink and apparently the ATM didn’t like the pin i entered (i made sure it was right the last time when i put it in) and took my card.
After making a few calls to cancel my card etc. I went back to taking photos.
The more I shoot street photography the more i am liking it, I am even considering starting a 100 strangers project!
The 100 Strangers project is more street portraits than proper street photography but i think it might help me with my tendency not to talk to people i don’t know.

Anyway here are some photos from today’s walk.

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