Final shots of 2013!!

These are my final shots of 2013, taken at Burns Beach, WA.




2013 was a year so far photographically speaking, I am pleased with the amount of photos I have walked away with considering I was lazy and didn’t get out as much as I could have.

I have a few things in mind to make sure 2014 is even better than 2013.
I plan to get out and shoot a lot more and also plan a few photography trips fill in my weeks off as well as shooting more street and automotive.

Oh and Happy New Year!!!


Cottesloe Beach

It has been a while since I went out and shot a Seascape and I have had these shots in mind since the last time I photographed Cottesloe Beach.
Today had the perfect conditions for the shots so I made my way down to Cottesloe and took a few shots while others swam (yes even in winter!) and jogged on the beach, I stood next to my tripod taking some long exposures in infrared (up to 4 mins per exposure) and also some slightly shorter shots in color.

This first photo was shot in infrared the converted to B&W.

The second was a slightly shorter exposure so there is more detail in the clouds and surf.


A Photo & A Phone Call

In the middle of taking this photo (Jan 2012) I got a phone call from my dad telling me that my uncle had passed away. Its taken me a year to be able to process it and share it with the world. RIP Uncle Ossie xxx



Melbourne & Brisbane Street Photos

Just some street photos from my visit to Melbourne & Brisbane a few months ago.

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Streets of Freo

Decided to go to Fremantle this afternoon and shoot some street photography.
After walking around for a bit i decided to get some money out so i could get a drink and apparently the ATM didn’t like the pin i entered (i made sure it was right the last time when i put it in) and took my card.
After making a few calls to cancel my card etc. I went back to taking photos.
The more I shoot street photography the more i am liking it, I am even considering starting a 100 strangers project!
The 100 Strangers project is more street portraits than proper street photography but i think it might help me with my tendency not to talk to people i don’t know.

Anyway here are some photos from today’s walk.

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Here’s a couple of photos from my short stay in Brisbane last week.

I have more from both Brisbane and Melbourne which I’ll get around to posting once i have edited some more.


Melbourne Graffiti

Graffiti from around Melbourne – Really need to go back and have a better look!

Took some of these while on a ghost tour so i didn’t get to have a good look at the whole lot.


Melbourne – Pictures of.

These are the first three photos i have edited from my trip to Melbourne

Riot Dog!

In The Celebrations